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Founded in 2010 in Lissone, in the province of Monza, GSR Technology Italy produces high-tech LCD displays and integrated systems, thanks also to its partnership with the leading suppliers of technological solutions.

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More than just high-quality solutions: GSR Technology Italy also leads the way when it comes to listening and responding to its customers' needs and requirements, from the initial stages of product development through to the integration of the end product.


At GSR Technology Italy the relationship between technology and environment is of fundamental importance, which is why the company has adopted a policy of selecting its suppliers based on traceability of materials and compliance with sustainability standards.


Leader in the semiconductor and microcontroller sectors

Microchip Technology is a leading supplier in the production of semiconductors and microcontrollers. Microchip Technology, whose headquarters are located in Chandler, Arizona, offers exceptional technical support and reliable delivery and quality.

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Products for the development of integrated systems

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The range offered by GSR Technology Italy includes the following displays: TFT, OLED, VFD, E-INK and MONOCHROMATIC displays, Touch Screen, Wireless and Memory solutions, PC cards, Power Supply and System Solutions. All the GSR Technology Italy products feature carefully thought out modern designs, and can be fully customised to meet the needs of the customer.

In the creation of an integrated system that meets the highest quality standards, GSR Technology Italy has the advantages of unique scalability and flexibility and can offer standard, customised and ODM solutions. The reasonable costs and the presence of a professional team with in-depth knowledge of the LCD technology market make this company a partner that you can depend upon for long term business relationships.


As a distributor, GSR Technology Italy provides technical support for the development of every type and class of LCD, from the design stage right through to the production phase, while guaranteeing the highest quality standards.

Touch Solution

GSR Technology Italy offers various touch screen options, touch monitors, touch computers and other customized tactile solutions for all market sectors, even the most demanding areas, such as the defence sector.


Creativity, genius, competence and innovation represent the key concepts necessary when generating the added value required to promote Computing products for OEM & ODM customers.

System Solution

Today, GSR Technology Italy, in symbiosis with its suppliers, its team of engineers and their skills, is able to offer total hardware and software integration solutions.


We provide memory modules that offer a high degree of compatibility with numerous designs and operating systems.

Reliability is the key to the products offered by GSR Technology Italy for applications in the industrial world and for daily use in recording, storing and sharing data, where product quality is fundamentally important.

Our offering includes products with "Data Protection Technology", "SSD monitoring", "Pre-Load Service", Prevent data Loss Technology, "Waterproof and Dust proof technology", "Gold Plating" and much more.


In the digital age and the world of the IoT, being connected at all times is the key to success. For this reason, GSR Technology Italy offers its customers a wide range of connectivity products, such as wireless, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GSM systems.

All GSR Technology Italy wireless communication products meet the highest industry quality standards and are designed and built to provide the customer with intelligent solutions for improved communication and productivity

Power Supply

GSR Technology Italy offers several products of "Power Supply" category, below a list of the types of products available:

  • UPS
  • Power System for EV
  • Telecom Application
  • CoC v5 tier2 Power Supply
  • DoE Level VI Products
  • High Altitude Products
  • Battery charger
  • Medical & Home Healthcare Power Supply

Health & Safety

With the aim of encouraging the performance of normal working activities in safety and at the same time protecting people’s health, GSR Technology Italy has introduced a new range of essential products to guarantee the highest level of protection and prevention.


GSR Technology Italy carefully selects its partners in order to guarantee quality and reliability.

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