GSR Technology Italy launches the Module SMARC™ 2.1 GSMARC-K3399

GSMARC-K3399 adopts  hexa-core  Rockchip CPU of RK3399 family (A72x2+A53x4) of  64-bit processor, main frequency up to 1.8ghz, integrated with quad-core Mali-T864 GPU, providing excellent graphic performance.

The GSMARC-K3399 supports an M.2 PCle interface, 1x USB type C, 1x CAN, 2xGIGABIT, LPDDR4, various interfaces for display, serial ports and much more.

The utmost attention has also been given to operating systems, in fact it supports Android10.0 and Linux Debian10.0.

Available are: the Evaluation Board and numerous HMI solutions with capacitive touch integrated up to  21.5", customize solution are welcome

The market sectors where it could be used are numerous: industrial, vending machines, transportation, Smart Energy, IoT, and much more...

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