Nuove tecnologie antibatteriche per i touchscreen

In order to promote solutions for personal and collective protection, GSR Technology Italy is able to offer new antibacterial technologies for the touchscreens ideal for all those environments where compliance with hygiene measures and the reduction of possible infections is fundamental. Application areas include, for example, hospitals, laboratories, clinics, clean rooms, kitchens, hotels, spas, as well as ATMs, fingerprint scanners, interactive touchscreen workstations and many others. What all these realities have in common is the use by multiple users, it is therefore important to be aware of the risks of what we touch every day.

Why use the antibacterial technology for touchscreens?

There are many different reasons. A few seconds contact is enough to capture a very high percentage of bacteria, often not harmless, from contaminated surfaces. Thanks to this innovative technology applicable to touchscreens, it will be possible to reject and inhibit the proliferation of bacteria, guaranteeing optimal protection and hygiene with each touch.


  • protection against bacteria on surfaces with which you can come into contact
  • no impact on the aesthetics of the product and on the touch experience
  • easy to clean



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