New office for GSR Technology Italy s.r.l.

We are proud to announce that GSR Technology Italy has changed its location from June.

Our new offices are located in Via Lavoratori Autobianchi 1 in Desio - Monza e Brianza, at the Polo Tecnologico della Brianza, a technological promotion and innovation hub in the heart of Brianza. The new company building has a surface of approximately 1000 sqm, it has a large warehouse which will facilitate all the logistics activities supporting customers’ needs, sales department is located on the first floor with direct access from the ground floor reception. The first floor of the building, furthermore, accommodates the executive offices and the R&D department, undergoing expansion as well, this modern and bright environment includes also spacious meeting rooms, here the GSR Team will be able to carry out its activities in a synergic and positive atmosphere.

Our new location fully represents the resourcefulness and initiative of GSR Technology Italy Team, from now thanks to our new strategic position it will be easer to reach us, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with us! 



Tel +39 0362 1545399
Fax +39 0362 1542903
E-mail contact@gsr-technology.it