10th Anniversary of GSR Technology Italy's foundation

We are pleased to announce that this year GSR Technology Italy S.r.l. celebrates the tenth anniversary of its foundation (2010/2020), a really important milestone for all of us!

On these occasions it is a pleasure to remember when it all began: the first sacrifices, the first strokes of genius, the pride and emotion that these memories evoke.

We would like to extend a special thanks to the collaborators, suppliers and customers who believed in us, contributing in a decisive way to the successes achieved by GSR Technology Italy.

It seemed like a bold idea, but today, looking back, it is incredible to think about how much our reality has evolved and how much work has been generated over the years.

 This makes us extremely proud and stimulates us every day to plan our future together.

Making the impossible possible has always been our attitude and we will keep this mantra in the future.

Thank you all for helping us make GSR Technology Italy a leader now and for the decades to come.



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